Maker Post: How to annoy Richard Armitage #1

In the past year I  started having a play around with photoshop (or in my case Paint 3D).

It’s just another method of expression, especially with regards to object of affection.

As you may well have noticed, i tend to err on the side of the ridiculous-playing with puns and surrealism. I blame that on growing up on a healthy diet of Monty Pythons Flying Circus as a kid.

So i thought i would compile my recent series of photo shop, which I’ve been posting on  twitter. The inspiration came after the lovely Olga posted about ‘enRICHing’ her life via Armitage:

This caused the cogs in my brain to start whirring and thinking about Rich Tea biscuits. Plus recently there had been some fan discussion over Mr Thornton from the mini-series North and South. There’s a scene where he brings a basket to the house of Miss Hale and you can see a pineapple peaking out over the top.

so i replied with:

“RICH-tea-ing your life #terriblepun #MrThornton “
then classic Rich-Tea-with Mr Thornton having a sup of tea on the packaging…
rich teapkt
I also had been chatting to the lovely Laura on Twitter, who mentioned that on her birthday she usually takes biscuits to work and uses puns based around Richard Amitage characters and films such as Guy Of Gisbourbon.
And because i was on a (fig) roll, i made one with her in mind!
Protectively grasping his biccie
then, yesterday a beautiful set of photographs came out on instagram via the wonderful photographer An Le.
I’m hoping they wont’ mind that i twiddled with one of their pictures of Richard.
He’s walking down a New York street with that fabulous hair and the Brooklyn Bridge in the background and he has a mug of tea (?) in one hand and a New York Times in other.
I felt it was more appropriate as an Englishman to be having a biccie with his cuppa tbh
credit An Le

I definitely feel my photoshop skills are improving-with the last picture i had to fill in the pavement on the right of the photo here the newspaper previously had covered.

Anyway, hope I have provided a little giggle for you today!



      1. Well when I come back to London hopefully next year I’ll take some with me back to America! Also definitely do another afternoon tea !! Love my Yorkshire tea by the way ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗

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  1. 😂 I think your improved Rich Tea packaging is the best. It certainly has convinced me. (Can we actually have that with chocolate? Otherwise Rich Tea are always a bit dry 😉). Anyway, happy photoshopping, Rachel. Sometimes photo edits are even funnier because they are not perfect, so that is to be used to our advantage 😁

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  2. I love all your edits! 👍🏻 We need fun and joy, at least on Twitter, to distRAct us in these dark times.
    I am not fan of cookies 🍪 but he can sell anything to me 😁 And I don’t think he would be annoyed 😉❤️😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks Olga and thanks for the inspiration! and you know me, i don’t take my crush seriously ! x
      re him being annoyed- I don’t know tbh partly because he doesn’t really seem to embrace fan silliness!


  3. No artificial colours, flavors or hydrogenated fat = not bad ingredients
    but palm oil… and sugar …
    in those biscuits.


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