Richard Armitage Birthday Auctions 2020

Today is the start of the birthday auctions in honor of the actor Richard Armitage!

The auction is an opportunity for a community of fans to raise some funds for charity and to show our appreciation of our favourite actor by donating the raised money in his name on his birthday

Details here on how it all works

I’ve donated a couple items, including a mini cross stitch piece in a lovely vintage style frame and a small pair of padded felt Speedos alongside a DVD of Cold Feet.

There’s lots of things to bid on this year including a whole bunch of fan art, DVD’S, magazines and a fantastic Castlevania poster  so hopefully something for every taste!

Guylty who runs the auctions did a little write up here on some of the fan pieces too

Good luck! Find the auctions here

And keep an eye on twitter for lots of chat and fun based around the auctions!


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