4 day weekend aka Easter

Hello! Two posts in a short period of time!

This post is being written mostly for my friend in France who is know as Radaghast (she has a blog btw, which you can read here)

I dedicate the post to her because of two of the main subjects, which you will read about in a moment, are things she likes.

So on Friday we met with my friend Katja and her son René plus her sister, who lives in Vienna, Britta and Katja’s new dog Gretel.

look shes so cute!

We went for a picnic at a place called Black Rock which is on the Severn Estuary and located directly between the old Severn Bridge and the second Severn crossing.

Prince of Wales Bridge

Black Rock is on the Wales Coast path and is quite famous for its Lave Fishermen who have been fishing here for hunderds of years and are the last of their kind. They have a website here with loads more information on the practice .In 2020 a beautiful wooden sculpture was erected to celebrate their history.

A second statue on the site is called ‘The Engineer’ and celebrates all the men and women who built the Severn Railway Tunnel and the two road bridges that cross the Severn and the sea wall that protects the Levels.

We had our picnic then took a walk along to Sudbrook where the pumping station for the Severn rail tunnel is located. The pumping station was built because when they were building the tunnel they hit a fresh water spring (which provided the water flow for the River Nedern which no longer exists!) and the pumping station keeps the tunnel dry.

On Saturday we met our friend Glyn and went to a car boot sale in Monmouth, then after had some lunch and a mooch around the historic town.

This is the interesting bit for my friend! There’s a very old pharmacy in Monmouth that’s been open over 100 years. They have kept the traditional look of the shop inside and out. Some more details here

Sunday was spent at a flea market in the Forest of Dean where I managed to de-clutter a bit and make some money!

Then today has mostly about chilling out!

Hope you’ve all had a good Easter x


  1. “En plein dans le mille”! MERCI – TA Rachel, je suis très émue.
    Oui tu ne pouvais pas tomber mieux, ces deux sujets collent exactement aux sujets qui me passionnent. Je les envoie rapidement à mes proches. J’ai dévoré les reportages annexes.
    Les pêcheurs à épuisettes sont authentiques. Idéal pour la pêche aux crevettes!
    Les fioles accrochées comme luminaire au plafond de la pharmacie montrent l’originalité du propriétaire. “Early closing day = none ” un professionnel passionné qui ne compte pas ses heures. 🙂

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  2. It does sound like a perfect weekend. The sculptures and old chemist shop are fab. Did the shop have those massive red and green globes? I always look for them in chemists because of a children’s book I loved, The Kingdom of Carbonel. It was about an incredible cat and two children would drink from one of the globes to speak in Carbonel’s language!

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