I dreamed a Dream

Hello again

I have something to write about! Well i still have some things from Glasgow but neither are suitable atm.

So to the post! Chap and I had to do an excursion Up North for personal reasons this weekend. We’d not had a great day on the drive up due to various accidents and roadworks on the motorway, which eventually meant a 3 and half hour journey actually took 7 hours!

Because of the awful motorway traffic we decided to come off and go cross country instead, this meant towards the end of our journey we drove through a place called St Helens.

On the drive we got to talking about the recent Netflix adaptations of 2 Harlan Coben thrillers ‘Stay Close‘ and ‘The Stranger’ featuring Richard Armitage, because we were up in the part of the country where some it was filmed.

Anyway, as we were driving through St Helens and looking at the surroundings I suddenly saw a flag with an image on that I recognised -it was advertising ‘The Dream’!

‘The Dream’ is a sculpture and was recently seen as a location in ‘Stay Close’! I kinda squeaked and chap agreed to stop so we could go and see the sculpture up close! It was the most happy I’d been all day (and probably all month… it’s not been a good one)

We parked up and the first thing we saw was the gate entry to the park-the park used to be a colliery- and the statue is in part a memorial to the former colliery as well as a positive icon for the area.

The Dream takes the form of the head and neck a 9-year-old girl that has been elongated by a third. Her eyes are closed in quiet contemplation, dreaming not only about her future but also that of the former colliery site and St Helens.

More info about the sculpture and area can be found here

It’s a little walk up a hill to get to the sculpture in what seems to be a lovely park , we were lucky to happen across it on a lovely spring day though it was chilly but the sky was blue with white fluffy clouds. It was quite late in the day , so we didn’t get chance to really explore the area.

can you see the top of the head?

The sculpture really is huge and rather lovely. Felt special being there.

laughing at the idea of Armitage graffing the sculpture

Round the back of the sculpture is a door because understandably the sculpture is hollow, this was depicted in Stay Close as a huge room-but that would only be possibly IRL if Dr Who was involved!

There’s some great views from the park, including the Runcorn Bridge which was featured heavily in Stay Close

Runcorn Bridge!

Thanks for reading xx


  1. Glad you found some fantastic screenshots of Richard from the show. I tried to photograph some good caps to send you but clearly, I’m a rubbish photographer; the total opposite of Ray. Ha! Loved the graffiti and the red pop of your coat in your photos. Sorry you had a difficult week. I pray this one is much better. xo – B.

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  2. Love this pictures and your story. So good that you happened to drive by this, already iconic, landmark for us Richie lovers, and therefore having a good ending to an obviously otherwise more dreadful day. Hope everything’s a bit sunnier right now.

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  3. Merci de partager cette balade dominicale EN DEHORS DES SENTIERS BATTUS, à travers vos splendides photos. Vos explications sont brillantes, jamais je n’aurais sinon compris l’intérêt du paysage de pré et forêt. Vous me challenge ainsi pour reprendre un abonnement à Netflix. 🙂

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  4. That’s a nice fan report from a place that many of us will never get to see. Sounds like a very special place, especially as it had the power to cheer you up on a less than ideal day. Thanks for bringing us along!!

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  5. Ah, you did some Armitage forensics of your own and stood on hallowed ground! 😉

    Regarding the space inside: didn’t Richard go down some stairs before he came into that space? Undergroud it could be huge. But not sure if I recall that correctly and don’t have the time or inclination right now to go and check.

    How lovely that you were able to do this. It looks like a beautiful place and how sweet of chap to indulge you. 🙂

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