Getting in the Mood

So I’ve been trying my hardest to get in the mood for Christmas, it’s been hard this year because of Covid and all it’s effects on the world. And personally, the chance is I won’t be spending any time with my family this year.

But i’m trying… italso helped that a big box of xmas pressies arrived this morning!

I put up the Christmas Tree , I’ve gone for ‘less is more’ this year and there are 3 Richard Armitage baubles adorning my tree;

I’ve put up a temporary mantelpiece to make a festive display , including putting my cards on the chimney;

I have a couple brilliant Richie Holiday Card Swap ones on display

left to right; my card design, Paula/Riepu, Certified Moody and Nokisuu

At work I’ve been wearing festive socks and hair grips and even put on a dedicated Christmas music radio station.

I also did some cross stitch:

Some tunes seems even more poignant this year;

some of the more traditional tunes however cheer me right up

some songs have been with me a long time and give me the feels every time I hear them and even though it’s actually an anti-war tune, it’s my fave Christmas song

I only own one Christmas album, amusingly the one Armitage recently tweeted about. I bought it wen it was released, can’t beat Annie Lennox and I loved the style it’s recorded in- a quasi medieval style and this video is gorgeous

Hope, you my dear readers are holding onto the positives and have some of the Christmas spirit too x


  1. I’m right there with you on the Xmas mood bandwagon. Love the baubles and the Richie cards are fabulous!
    You have a brilliant tree and mantelpiece display!
    You’ll see your family and your immediate family of A and Eddie and Florence are delighted mum is home 🎄🎉
    And there’s what’s app too 😘❤️

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    1. sadly they’ve just announced the new rules, Wales in lockdown from midnight tonight and only day you can meet people is Xmas day x
      thanks for the compliments
      also we’ll always have whatsapp

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      1. You can Zoom with the family
        That’s what I plan to do and yes counting on what’s app video for your help with the dreaded cable project 😉😂
        This post really put me in the Cmas spirit so thank you love!

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  2. It is hard this year to feel in the Christmas mood. So many of the events that lead the way towards the big day are absent and I miss the sparkly party clothes in the shops. You’ve made your room so beautifully Christmassy though Rachel, I love the little felt carol-singers, the card and the cross stitch – and I’m happy to see the baubles on the tree. ( I have to admit that Jona Lewie’s is my least favourite Christmas song – it’s the dubble-dubble dums I can’t stand! I like the other ones.)

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    1. Yeah I’m pretty sociable at this time of year-work Christmas dos and a trip to Exeter plus visiting family and friends-it really sucks not doing stuff, doesn’t it?. A friend made the Carol singers! They’re meant to be on the tree but I like them caroling with the badger around the base!

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  3. That’s all looking very lovely and Christmassy, Rachel! We have decorated a tree (still waiting on my RA Christmas decoration from the RA Auction but post here is pretty overwhelmed, so who knows when it will come) and we have some twinkle lights in our garden, so it’s already feeling a bit like Christmas. Not that much Christmas music in my house, though.
    Hope your Christmas will be OK, depite the even stricter lockdown rules now.

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    1. We have a dtring of lights on the magnolia and a ball of leds lights in the porch- i like lighting up the dark street. The garden ones you posted on your blog look lovely. Hopefully RIchie will arrive before Xmas! The lockdown rules suck big time, but I’m not a rule breaker so I’ll go along quietly!

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  4. I like your apple bauble!

    I’m slowly getting into the Christmas mood. We’ve decorated, but everything still feels vaguely stressful. Hopefully a couple of days indoors being cosy will change things.

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