Inheritance Tracks:Richard Armitage

Got home last night after another cold, damp weekend in Lancashire trying to sort the chaps Fathers bungalow into shape before it’s rented out.

Because it’s out in the countryside, internet is a bit rubbish , so I’ve only just managed to listen to the Radio 4 show with a spot called ‘Inheritance Tracks’-which each week features special guests and their cherished tracks -a piece they have inherited and a piece they would like to bestow to future generations.

It’s a nice little segment, and is good at encouraging the participant to discuss childhood memories.

My thoughts after listening to it was it’s one of the rare instances where Richard really speaks about something intimate regarding his Father. Though, I had to giggle about the probable unintentional innuendo Richard mentioned about his Dad thinking ‘I’m still up in my bedroom room playing my flute’.

I liked the introspective nature of the interview and unusually personal anecdotes , and also the way he always swings talking about himself into talking about how it impacts his acting. I remember him tweeting about Max Richter previously and I admit to buying the DVD of the series ‘The Leftovers’ after that!

I also share Richards fear/dislike of water-I starting drowning in Yugoslavia when I was 9 and I was almost swept out to sea on a dingy age 18, so i don’t’ like water except for having a bath, lol (you won’t find me on a beach either tbh)

My choices for Inheritance Tracks are maybe more familiar than Richards!

The piece I inherited was Lady Madonna by The Beatles, we had hardly any music in the house and the radio was never on but my Mum had the 7 inch single of Lady Madonna and it was something I listened to many times. It also probably was the intro into my love for the Beatles as a teenager. I wonder if it’s also why I like the sound of the piano so much?

For me, the piano has always been an instrument that strikes a chord in my soul, so the piece I have chosen is a piano piece (though originally made to be payed on harpischord). I self taught myself keyboards as a child and finally had piano lessons in my mid 20’s, I loved lessons and really would like to start up again.

I first heard it years ago whilst watching the thriller movie ‘Silence of the Lambs’, it next came to prominence for me when I went to see Mentalist magician Derren Brown who also has an affinity to this piece. The piece is The Goldberg Variations by JS Bach; an aria plus 30 variations. I’m not sure I’d ever get bored listening to them, especially the definitive recording by Glenn Gould in 1955.

On a final note there’s a definite six degrees of Armitage if you look over the past year of Inheritance tracks there’s quite a few people connected to Richard who have also done Inheritance tracks Ken Follett, Bernard Cornwell, Toby Stephens.


  1. I’ve always wanted to play the piano but we moved around so much growing up and then I found ballet 🩰
    I do like when he talked about his father
    Mine loves classical music too and mine adores The Beatles huge huge fan of them
    I like when he discusses Richter and his the music makes him feel.

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      1. My love of music definitely came from my dad. My mum loved Italian opera and my sister and I listened to radio all the time growing up
        Musical instruments didn’t happen in our household which I do wish now we had tried piano or flute 😉⭐️
        You have a vast musical knowledge which is wonderful

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  2. Lovely overview and personal reaction, Rachel.
    I too love the piano and Bach was always my father’s favourite, so there’s always a special connection with that every time he gets mentioned. I inherited classical music from my father and more popular recent culture (old movies and a bit of the The Beatles) from my mother. 🙂

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  3. Désolée, je suis encore la dernière. Entre à 8h le jardinier, 9h le chat+ les pigeons dévorés, 10h la stérilisation chez le vétérinaire, 11h l’envoi de colis à la poste, 14h le dépôt de vieux vêtements pour les indigents, 14h30 le retour au travail, 21h30le dîner, 22h la traduction anglaise du texte de ma fille… pas le temps de souffler.
    J’espère que vous êtes heureuse du travail effectué dans le bungalow.
    Bach et Les Beatles sont des classiques immortels.
    Merci de nous faire partager vos goûts musicaux.
    La pratique de la musique est fastidieuse, si l’on n’a pas un don. Pas de regrets s’il vous plait Rachel. Mon mari a commencé le piano à 55 ans… Il y a de l’espoir.
    Au violon, j’étais nulle, pas courageuse. Il ne me reste que l’oreille absolue et une appétence pour les instruments à archet, partagée par mon père. Il passait tous ses moments libres à écouter des 33 tours classiques. L’éducation au berceau est la meilleure pour avoir l’oreille musicale.
    Nous avons besoin de déconfinement pour voir des spectacles vivants. Ici, ils parlent de faire des concerts dans les églises. Les églises sont ouvertes aux croyants, mais les salles de spectacle fermées. C’est absurde.

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  4. You should definitely take up piano again if that’s where your yearnings are leading. If there’s one thing to take away from 2020, it’s to do the things that really warm our hearts, because we never know when it might not be possible.

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    1. i’m hoping that over the next 6 months we will finish sorting out the 2nd bedroom -chaps old office, which will turn into a sewing room/spare room and should have room to put my electric piano up too¬


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