Monday Messing About

I’m not working every Monday at the moment due to covid, so i’ve done some paperwork today but I also had an urge to muck about with some photo shop.

I say photoshop but i actually use Paint 3D which is pre-installed on my computer.

I started off thinking about doing some colourising of one of the multitude of Armitage black and white pics. This is one of his more recent photo shoots by the amazing An Le. I coloured in the STOP sign but it was a bit ‘meh’. Then i noticed the cobbles and ‘hey presto’-yellow brick road!

Next up I was inspired by a twitter pal OhWell… who likes to craft, most recently some lovely Alice in Wonderland cards with ‘We’re all mad here’ emblazoned across them.

So i imagined Richard as a participant in the Mad Hatters Tea Party, this required a little more skill to remove Alice then insert Richard and then transpose the table back in front of him

I mentioned to Michele that i was making these up and sent her some pics , she asked if i did request so i asked what she had in mind ‘Proctor or Raymond DeMerville’

So i had a google of Raymond (from the film Pilgrimage ) and when i saw the photo of him with his mace and fairly soon (because we’ve just moved into Autumn) it made me think of a conker, next thing I know I’m giggling to myself about the idea of DeMerville playing conkers in a particularly medieval fashion. (to my non British friend, conkers is a game played in the UK where you get a horsechesnut, drill a hole in it and attach at string and hit another person’s conker until one of them smashes into smitherens)

Anyway, all just for fun!


  1. FYI to my fellow Americans, Horse Chestnuts are like Buckeyes. I can’t imagine swinging one around attached to a string, while trying to hit another until it breaks. that seems impossible!

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