In the steps of Mr Thornton

So, before everything turned to crap this year I actually had a nice little holiday with my friend Michele

The trip was built around going to see Richard Armitage live in theatre. He was playing Dr Astrov in Chekov’s ‘Uncle Vanya’ at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London.

Our break consisted of 2 nights seeing Vanya and meeting some other lovely fandom friends for the first time. Then travel up to Edinburgh for a few nights/days in the fabulous Scottish capital. It’s somewhere I’d been planning to visit for a while, but just hadn’t quite managed to achieve.

The trip to Edinburgh was lush, we’d looked at various forms of transport-airplane, night train, but we decided on the day time train . Early booking meant we got a very good deal on the ticket price. It was 4 and half hours smooth journey with coastal views on the route that was made famous by the locomotive The Flying Scotsman.

The hotel we booked was perfect, 5 minutes walk from the train station and right next to one of the main reasons for writing this blog post: Calton Hill -an important location in the BBC mini series North and South!

As we arrived around 2.30 in thie afternoon, we decided that because the weather was so lovely it would make sense to drop our stuff off, have a cup of tea and then made our way up Calton Hill. We couldn’t wait to see the spot where Mr Thornton and Margaret Hale would take their daily walks and also enjoy the spectacular views over Edinburgh.. Thankfully it seems they added in the gravestones!

not the same view as the above picture

Over the next few days, as we explored Edinburgh, we visited a few other iconic locations from North and South. Next was the set of steps at Guthrie Street where Margaret, when she’s first exploring Milton, gets harassed by workers leaving the factory at the end of their working day-but is aided by the lovely Nicholas Higgins.

my re-enactment of Margaret holding onto the wall as the hoi-poloi push past

Another spot is another very steep set of steps at Warriston Close where Mr Thornton (sigh) is stopped by the Policeman to talk about Margaret denying being seen at the train station late at night . Sadly the building at the top of the steps was covered due to building works.

And finally one of the most important locations is where the Hales live in Milton! St Stephens place with the Stockbridge Market arch.

We missed out a couple of locations such as Barries Close and St Stephens Church.

We did go around where the London scenes were filmed, just didn’t realise it at the time!

Anyway, Edinburgh is an absolutely gorgeous city and I would highly recommend anyone to go and i certainly intend to go back very soon. It’s a vibrant city and has just so much to see. It felt friendly and pretty safe. It’s a wonder for those who love architecture, i was in heaven seeing all the turrets! We went end of February-the weather was cold and a bit damp but it didn’t really negatively impact our visit.

I shall leave you with this sign we found near Guthrie Street


  1. Lucky you! I was alone, with no one to take pictures of me and Thornton’s ghost 😁 Especially on the stairs 😉
    Wonderful memories! Love the ending sign ❤️🤗

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  2. This trip was so magical and a godsend from lightning bolt Richie at SD on Tuesday night to MIA Richie on Wed night to our tour around Convent Garden with Esther and Anne to Tuesday night dinner with them and Jane ( Wed night too!)
    The seats on the train with the English Scottish couple who tried my horrid Girl z Scout cookies to our time at Edinburgh Castle to our wonderful yummy Scottish brekkies just adored everything sbout this trip and you are the best travel mate ! 😘❤️

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      1. Anne yes absolutely true they were so gracious and I’m so glad you were at SD to speak with Ciaran. He was delighted to converse with you ❤️😘
        We were very fortunate indeed on Tuesday night and Toby’s group
        Pic with us was sheer delight. Richie missed out😉😁

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  3. I will unabashedly add that I treasure our February trip to London and Uncle Vanya and meeting Esther, Jane and Anne and riding The Flying Scotsman and our hotel was straight out of Thornton house!!!
    Red Dragon awaits our next adventure !!🤗❤️

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  4. Lovely photos of a lovely trip – thanks for sharing! Edinburgh is a real gem, apart from the North & South locations. Need to go there again…
    When I went to the Hale’s at Stockbridge there was a white lorry parked in front of the arch which spoled the photos. 😆

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    1. Thanks. I had considered going to Edinburgh the previous year but it just hadn’t panned put. So glad I got to go for both the city and for N&S!
      So annoying about the lorry!


  5. What lovely memories and photos! Thanks for sharing this.
    The only time I’ve been to Edinburgh was back in the 1990s, a decade before N&S was filmed. If I ever do go back again (and I want to as I remember liking the city), I will totally make just such a pilgrimage as you and Michele did. 🙂

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  6. I loved Edinburgh so much that after a visit I lived there for a few years. Thank you Rachel for your memories and for a wander down Memory Lane with the photos. I staggered up and down those wynds many times. To think how significant they would be in the future and whose feet would stand there!

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    1. 🙂 Bien vu! Penser que d’autres personnes viendront arpenter ces rues est optimiste et réconfortant. Feed back notion because:.Ces émotions intenses vécues à une période plus calme aident à nous évader de l’époque dystopique actuelle….

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