Random Stuff of September

Sorry I’ve been so quiet of late, life has been rather trying. I feel so tired all the time and I’ve been organising a study day which we had last Saturday (thankfully went successfully)

Still a bit in shock of how well my auction items went for Richard Armitage birthday auctions organised by Guylty . Richard Armitage himself was very gracious about the results of the auction and made a big difference with his donation to match how much his Guy jacket sold for.

Last week I received a lovely unexpected thank you from Guylty in the shape of the 1 inch square RAPS shrine as thank you for helping with the auction! It’s so adorably cute and makes me smile heartily.

In other news I have been out twice to a restaurant in September. Both times were very safe and tasty. First was Japanese restaurant Bento Boss in central Bristol , one of my fave places and delicious as usual

Second was The Florist also in Bristol, the food was tasty but not super amazing but I think the place is more of a cocktail bar

I’ve also been trying to cook more, though not successfully during the week because i come home shattered. One recipe that I’ll share here is by Yotam Ottolenghi , who is a Israeli-born British chef, restaurateur and food writer. One of my friends is a huge fan and she shared this recipe a few times and i realised I basically had all the ingredients so decided to give it a try. It’s one of those recipes that doesn’t have too many ingredients but it does take a while to prepare because everything is cut very finely. But once everything has been chopped and measured, the actual cooking is very simple. And it was a super delicious recipe

Black Pepper Tofu

I also picked up his Plenty cook book yesterday in a charity shop for £8. So here’s to more experiments!

In other news, I finally got around to sewing myself some scrub hats for work using a fairly simple pattern from Dhuruta Davies

i bought this cute cat fabric from ebay a while back and the final hats have gone down well with my work mates (no I won’t make you any! they took too long! lol)

So today I need to rewatch the recording of my regional group AGM and write the minutes! The weather is grey and very wet.

I also have a little craft project on the go, but no reveals until finished and in the hands of the recipient 😊

Have a good weekend x


  1. You’ve been a busy bee in September! Those scrub hats are adorable and very practical! Great names of the 2 restaurants and I’m glad they were safe and you felt comfortable to eat in them ❤️
    What a beautiful reflection in the selfie!
    Sounds like October will be just as busy for you ❤️❤️🤗

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  2. Congratulations on the success of your items, Rachel, I am not suprised that they did so well though, they were gorgeous. Oh wow. The black-pepper tofu looks amazing! I will make that. It is just what the sort of food I like. Do you think that all the different soy sauces are necessary?
    I hope you feel less tired soon.

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  3. Merci pour cette revue très détaillée. J’adore les photographies des plats cuisinés. Vous devriez vous confectionner une toque de “Chef Cuistot” en tissus et broder “Chef Rachel” dessus.

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  4. Your items did so well in the auction, congratulations!
    Alls the food looks good! Someone once gifted me the Ottolenghi Jerusalem cookbook (because I was born there) but I have never cooked anything out of it yet as I really do not enjoy cooking, especially not if it gets elaborate. I hear good things about that food, though. 🙂
    Cool scrub hat!

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  5. What’s happened here? I am sure I left a comment on your post already, with congratulations for the massive success of those brilliant items you created for the fundraiser. (I must have somehow made a mistake with posting.) So belatedly congrats again! Also to the fabulous surgical hat with that super cute fabric. Really like it!

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  6. Sorry for being late to the party, Rachel! I absolutely love that yellow rose tea set (it was a genius idea!) and I even tried to win it but it was out of my reach pretty quickly. And I loved mill sign too but didn’t win it either. But I am happy your lots were so successful! 👍🏻
    That cute medical hat suits you very much 😍
    Take care ❤️


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