The Sad Clown With the Beautiful Voice

I’ve been on YouTube a little today and thought I’d dedicate a post to one of my favourite artists that I was introduced to a few years ago.

My chap sent me a link to the artist Puddles Pity Party, At first I was a little perturbed…why would he send me a link to a singing clown? That’s just weird right?

so this is where I need you to trust me too!

So Puddles Pity Party is a sad clown with a beautiful voice, who sings covers of sad songs. He also never talks. The thing you don’t get from watching his YouTube videos, is that he’s a proper cabaret artist too. He’s got a dedicated following in the USA where re tours alot and does this amazing cabaret show. He did audition for Americas Got Talent, he came in stage to the usual reception of WTH but once he started singing he entranced the audience.

After months of watching his videos and adoring his voice and sad face, I found I had the opportunity to see him live as he came to the UK and did a small tour. So May 2018 we drove to Birmingham to watch him live.

He entered the hall from the upper circle, winding his way down through the audience until he reached the stage.

He proceeded then to do this gorgeous, funny, heart breaking act of mime and singing and I was utterly entranced.

Best bit? I got to meet him after the show! He’s literally the tallest man I’ve seen irl too!

I’m 5ft 7″!

Please have a listen to some of my fave songs of his!

First is a cover of Wicked Game dedicated to doughnuts 🍩 the video makes me giggle every time and his voice is just wow

In the top ten for me is this stunning cover of Royals , the version with Post Modern Jukebox just trumps the original IMO

One for Michele!

And this cover of The Pixies ‘Where is my mind’ just kills me dead

Not all clowns are scary!


    1. That’s only half of it. He’s also really good as a true clown, and as a cabaret peformer.

      Clowning is Serious Biznizz. We’re near Bristol, we know clowns, we know how hard some train to be clowns. Their whole use of mime, it’s as good and as serious as anything from kabuki traditions. Puddles uses all of this to make a long evening’s show, from just one guy who doesn’t even speak, and it’s captivating all the way through. Yes, there’s the odd custard pie – but only as dessert.

      And then the singing …

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  1. I’ve seen some of his things before. Not sure about the clown look but I do love his voice and the way he interprets these songs and also his non-verbal communications skills are excellent. Very talented.


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