Richard Armitage Quart-erly

I’m currently part way through reading “The Seville Communion”, a book by Spanish author Arturo Perez-Reverte , mostly because one of my fave actors Richard Armitage has moved on to his next project which is the film version. It appears the film will be called “The Man From Rome” which is also the name of the 1st chapter in the book).

He plays the main character Father Lorenzo Quart-a seasoned agent for the Vatican’s Information Service. He is forty something, handsome , designer suited and dedicated.

There’s been a series of pictures from set on twitter and on Richards Instagram which is currently filming in Seville. Whilst reading I’ve been amused by the descriptions of the Priest in the book, so thought I’d set them to the pictures

“Do You know Father Quart, you’re too good looking to be a priest”
“You’re a good looking priest”
“Othu, i wouldn’t mind getting last rites from him”
“Well, you really are very good looking”

Yum. Though I’m not someone who has a thing for priests, etc but he’s looking good in his garb and i’m looking forward to the portrayal of the character


  1. Quart’s beauty has become kind of a cliche being emphasized that often, don’t you think so? It’s a tad too much but of course I am curious because RA matches the description perfectly. I really hope for a good script.

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    1. i literally just read the lines ” he wore a black short sleeved shirt that showed his strong tanned forearms. Clean cut, good looking and wholesome”-i said to my chap that this character was feels like it was written specifically about RA. I do find the text about his looks a bit clunky but overall I’m quite enjoying the book and think it will translate pretty well to screen! unless they add llamas….!

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  2. Nice fan service! And the quotes work well with the pictures! 👍🏻
    Hehe, I was missing the one with “cold showers and prayers” – how would you illustrate that? 😉


  3. These are great pictures to match the quotes! I’m gonna have to get the book again ( I gave my copy as a gift two years ago ) because I remember parts of it but some stuff is a bit hazy. I’m not one for priests either but he does wear this garb very well and thank goodness the shirt hair is back with a bit of stubble
    What do you think of that book so far?

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    1. i’ve picked up the pace with the book now, i do think some sentences are repetitive in the language- though maybe that’s down to the translation -such as the former bogus lawyer” gets used over and over again

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  4. LOL, excellent! I have yet to read beyond the first page, which already mentioned his good looks. Now that these images of Richard in character and costume are coming through, it will make it even easier to picture the fictional character when I finally get around to it (hopefully before the movie actually comes out).

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