Your Favourite…(English version!)

My friend and fellow blogger Michele posted this blog post today, so I thought it would be nice to write my own post with the answers and maybe others will to?

1.Your favourite John and why:

I do love John Standring from mini series Sparkhouse, but I think John Porter from Sky drama Strike Back is my ultimate John. He’s gorgeous for a start (Lol), buff, funny, compassionate and also willing to accept when he’s wrong.

2. Your favorite Richard action movie and why:

Action movie? Ooh,  he’s not actually done that many action ‘movies’ so I would probably go with The Hobbit because of the way Thorin plays off Bilbo and the other dwarves

3.Your favourite pairing of Richard and ____

Shaun Dooley, they looked like they had great fun on screen and off screen

4. Richards best trait is his ________

Thoughtfulness, I do believe he’s very thoughtful but within in circle and things and people he cares for

5. What one question would you ask Richard about his roles up to now?

Have you deliberately avoided romantic roles?

6. If Richard ask you to dinner and where to eat what type of restaurant would you take him to?

It would definitely be Japanese, genuinely one of my favourite cuisines, I love a good bento box with salmon teriyaki, some sushi and pickles

7. What song comes to mind to describe his acting career?

The Divine Comedy –Love What You Do

I think this really suits him and his career!

8. What board game would you play with Richard during another lockdown ?.

Carcasonne, it’s a fun game and I beat everyone! lol

but please hopefully no more lockdowns!

9. What two fandom items would you give to Richard as tokens of appreciation?

Fandom items? Maybe the Astrov cross stitch I made and Aninomori’s felted white boar she made recently, after his White Boar Films production company that he is director of!

10. Complete this sentence: “Richard you are the ________ to my __________.

Richard you are the marshmallow topping to my hot chocolate drink!

Hope you enjoyed this little Friday fun!


  1. These are great answers !! Shaun and Richard definitely great pairing
    Had to look up your board game ❤️🤗
    Love the Astrov cross stitch ❤️👍👍
    Japanese you and Squirrel ! We will have to visit some on London when I come over in the future 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. there’s an amazing Japanese restaurant in Bristol that use gorgeous fresh tofu-i could eat it every day!
      yes, definitely his face! nothing to do with wanting to be taken seriously! lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great thoughtful answers. Rachel, and I agree about Ultimate John. You chose a wonderful pic of Thorin, too, he really suited that red. But OMG, I hadn’t seen Ani’s boars. They are the cutest little things!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Love your answers! 👍🏻
    I will join you in the Japanese dinner (if you don’t mind 😁).
    My favourite action movie is Strike Back. Strangely I don’t consider The Hobbit as an action movie though there is a lot of action in it. 🤷‍♀️

    Liked by 1 person

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