Maker post: Secret Cupid +

I’ve been in a bit of a crafting lull recently, I had one project I needed to do but kept putting it off plus Christmas and just grim wintry weather has seen me just hunkering down under a blanket most days watching the crap out of my Netflix subscription!

So when Kate and Guylty tweeted about a project they devised called ‘Secret Cupid’ I thought I’d join in as a way of forcing the creativity!

“Hello #ArmitageArmy! Would anyone be interested in a little #SecretCupid project? Throw your name in the ring, get a partner assigned you will send a little #RichardArmitage gift to and get one back yourself. Reply here if interested. @GuyltyPleasure & Kate”

The next communication basically was:

” Anything goes, really. Don‘t worry, you do not have to craft. Handmade things are welcome, but not a requirement. The more Armitage, the better of course. Photo print services are always a good bet. Other than that, surprise your partner. Also, we suggest keeping the cost of the gift itself reasonable. It‘s not about the money. Everyone is free to do as they choose, of course, but the 10€- $15 range is what you might consider as your upper limit.”

I’m posting this blog post now because my Secret Cupid has received her gift!

In a stroke of luck the person that I received was @certifiedmoody on twitter, who was the person I also that was the craft project that I was putting off! So it really forced my hand into making both her ‘belated birthday pressie/Welcome to Armitage fandom/I like you pressie’ and the Secret Cupid pressie.

About a week before I posted this she actually sent me a lovely parcel with a bunch of her amazing handmade cards! I sent 2 off to friends and they’ve both said how beautiful the cards are. I’m sure you’ll agree!


So, firstly secret cupid, this project was actually influenced by another amazing crafter, artist and fellow RA fan Aninomori. I actually picked up a brass coloured lovely key at a steampunk event about 18 months ago. It has a empty plaque on the top part of the key. I almost printed out a pic of Mr Thornton, when I realised Guylty about 2 years ago sent me a set of tiny Armitage stickers , one with Thornton and it was the perfect size. So i cut it out and stuck it to the key. I then used a paint pen and highlighted parts of the brass red. I then attached a small plastic jewel and a lovely gauze ribbon. So it could be used as a key ring or just hung up as an ornament or even a pendant.

Then there was the Cupid card!

speaks for itself really!

The other part of the parcel was the belated birthday present. I’m not sure what triggered the idea. However a long while ago ,back in normal times whilst in a little crafty shop in Monmouth I came across some ‘Porcelain Painter’ pens by Marabu- i liked the idea of being able to doodle on china. And as with these things , they just sit in a drawer waiting to be used.

Basically the idea I came up with was to write quotes from BBC mini series North and South on a tea set.

The cup of tea is a very important motif in North and South,some of the most shared intimate moments between Mr Thornton and Margaret Hale.

So my first port of call was to try and find the right tea set. I thought about finding something that matched the china used in North and South but then I thought perhaps a cup and saucer with the yellow rose motif.

hands on kinda guy

I luckily came across the perfect set on Facebook marketplace! A gorgeous set of vintage Colclough bone china, Made in England.

So the next thing was deciding what to write and where to write on it. Obviously a quote refering to the roses seemed appropriate, this one was beautifully illustrated by Thorin of Erebor on Tumblr which I found whilst having a n internet search.

I was a tad nervous about starting the project. I’m a wee bit perfectionist and don’t have the best hand writing skills, but I have decent dexterity and just went for it. The deal with the pens is that you leave it to dry for a couple of hours then you heat it up gradually in a oven and cook for 30 mins and then it should set permanently.

So here’s the finished product!

I would definitely recommend having a play with porcelain writing pens, I think there’s a lot of fun and ideas to be done with them!

Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading and please give me a follow if you haven’t already! 🙂


  1. I absolutely adore this idea. Such a brilliant piece of fan art – without looking like fan art. Your handwriting is just perfect for it. And the tea set is absolutely made for this. If I ever find such tea cups, I will copy your idea.
    Oh, and PS: I hadn‘t even noticed that my sticker was on your key. Great use of it!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ah thanks for the kind words, i did have a practice run on one of my regular side plates at home! lol
      i was pleased when i found the set and Colclough is such a good quality make


  2. All things you have created are beautiful 🧡 but the idea with the tea set is terrific! And the result is to die for! I mean I’m dying of envy! I am a tea lover and can imagine what a pleasure it would be having tea using this N&S tea set! It’s a dReAm tea set! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What an awesome idea about the cup! It turned out beautifully with the quotes, a one off original. Really nicely done! These would make a great auction item as well one day… hint… hint… 😉

    Liked by 3 people

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