Frickin Laser Beams

Edit for update: 4th December the parcel has arrived in Ireland and they’ll get put in the auction! Also i should add, because it’s a fixed price sale there are a good few sets available!

sorry, very random half quote from Austin Powers

so, as you are probably aware Guylty (long time Richard Armitage blogger) is hosting a Christmas charity auction (still time to get some bids in here!) in aid of Leicester Hospice charity LOROS hospice, which is close to Richard’s heart

After a very unpleasant anonymous message on tumblr this year to Guylty, , a decsion was made that it would be worth doing some lower price fixed auctions next time round. Same decision would have been made if anon had actually made that point, instead they decided to be very nasty too (way to go anon)

I thought I would try and come up with something to contribute to the fixed price auctions, because think it is nice that more people get a chance to join in with the auctions and get a little something in return.

After brainstorming, and knowing these next auctions would be Christmas time I thought “what about a Christmas decoration?”

Lucky old me has a chap with a laser cutting business called Your Laser , and he already makes personalised wooden baubles which he sells at markets already.

I pondered about names of Richard’s characters but thought it a dull idea

So I started having a tinker with some photos of the man himself. I figured the best thing visually was to use a stencil maker-make the image clearly the man but easy to engrave.

I found a useful webpage and fiddle about with a couple images

I really liked Andy Gotts image of Richard hiding behind his coat lapel with the wavy longer hair and eye detail, and i also thought Richard in a woolly jumper image would work for Christmas too. I like how he looks serene in the jumper pic

So a little bit of time i came up with these images

i then cleaned them up a bit and punted them over to chappie, who did this:

and hey presto, bit of wood in the laser cutting machine and here’s the end product:

There is however, no happy ending to this story. Because i did the artwork, then he chopped a couple out which were great. He got some new wood, chopped out about 20, but the engrave was really crappy due to the quality of the wood. Then we had to go urgently to sort out chaps Dads bungalow. When we got back, he got out his work laptop to get the laser machine going and boom…the laptop died. It was a week before he got this software working on a tower PC, got them chopped out but now it was getting late in the day. I put them into airmail at 8.30 am on 20th November…but sadly they have still not arrived in Ireland. Tomorrow is listing day for fixed acutions-2 weeks since i posted them.

Oh well


  1. Oh, what a pity! I love them! Maybe Sonja will be able to add them at the last minute or auction them separately. I am sure something could be done! 🙏🏻🤞🏻❤️

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  2. They look fab, and I can’t wait to hold them myself. But don’t fret, I am absolutely insisting that we sell these asap. They must turn up here any day now. It’s two weeks since you sent them, so they must be near. Who knows, maybe tomorrow? Hey, and if it is Monday, I’ll still put them in the sale even if I need to stretch the sale duration. These are too good to wait until next year.
    I’m so sorry that you are left worrying about the package. It’ll arrive, I’m sure!
    And you are absolutely right about the fixed price sale as an opportunity to get more people involved- both as contributors as well as buyers!

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    1. thanks Guylty, and it’s nice to hear people saying they think they’re cool too. It’s just frustrating and i hate feeling I’ve let you and the charity down


  3. Oooh, these are gorgeous, and definitely worth the wait! If there had been no time frame they would’ve reached Sonja within a couple of days – Murphy’s Law! I’m with the others, you haven’t let anyone down.

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  4. I bought the collar one as well! They are really great, Rachel! It won’t arrive in Canada by Christmas, but then my hubby would frown upon it being on the tree, anyway. But it will hang in my home office.

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