Pfaffing with my Pfaff

Wet and windy this weekend! Which tbh isn’t surprising this time of year, especially as I live in Wales plus we have just entered a countrywide ‘firebreak’ lockdown for 17 days.

Amazing double rainbow, one benefit of rain

So i took this as a good opportunity to make space on the dining room table and bring one of our many sewing machines downstairs. This particular one is a Pfaff Hobbymatic 801 that we bought in a charity shop about 4 years ago in Exeter for £45. Such a good price for good sturdy German design.

Needs a better bulb in it, probably LED

This is the first time I’ve used it and thankfully it’s a very simple machine and worked pretty much perfectly.

So what’s my reason for getting the machine out? Mostly I needed to make some reusable surgical caps for work but also whilst I have a good few fabric masks for wearing out and about, I never seem to have enough!

My lovely friend Moira made me a mask a few months ago and i really liked the design as it has an inner layer that allows you to put a filter in it.

The design is free to download and is called an Olson Mask, I downloaded va PDF via

Like any attempt at sewing a new pattern, it’s always best to do a test drive because inevitably you will make mistakes, I’m a bit lazy so i used some pretty fabric I got free for my trial mask and yes…i made some mistakes-mainly cutting 2 front pieces out of the same side!

Personally, i find the most difficult part of any sewing pattern is actual cutting out the fabric. It certainly helps having a sharp pair of scissors that are used purely for cutting fabric. I also used tailors chalks to trace the paper pattern onto my fabric.

The instructions are pretty simple and like any sewing project-it gets easier the more you do it!

I had a few bits of nice printed cotton lawn in my fabric stash-mostly steampunk patterns. Usually i would wash the fabric first in case of shrinkage but i knew some of the material would be fine from previous use. After sending pics to a couple of friends, I ended up making them some masks too! lol

No pictures of the surgical caps as they’re quite ugly! lol

The mask took , on average from start to finish about 45 mins to an hour to make. I would definitely recommend them for a non clinical setting. I like that you can add a filter to make it 3 layers and that it wraps around the face literally from ear to ear


  1. My mum would be so proud of your sewing machine!
    Double rainbow: twice good luck 👍
    Those masks are simply exquisite and you always put so much care and meticulous touches in all you create
    Great title of post too 🤗😉❤️

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  2. I like the ‘map’ material 😎 when I was young my grandma would cut out patterns for sewing and when she was done it was my job to take the pins out and stick them back into the pin cushion. I got such satisfaction from that! 😀

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  3. Vous êtes très douée en couture. C’est une très bonne occupation quand il pleut. Les motifs des tissus sont très bien choisis. Merci pour partager ces créations sur votre blog. Bon courage Take care:

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