Moomin Madness

“There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes”

Who else likes The Moomins? Bizarrely, of late, I’ve come across a surprising amount of people who don’t know who they are! (How?!) So i thought it would be a good blog post to write

The Moomins came into my life when I was a young teen and there was the Japanese cartoon on TV based on their stories and I thought they were adorable. They didn’t come back into my life until about 15 years ago though. I always remembered them, but it wasn’t until i started dating my chap that they became a big part of my life. Because interestingly my guy is also a big fan of the Moomins and their Finnish creator Tove Jansson. He had a few of the books and mentioned them to me one day and suggested i read the books. He also mentioned the other books Jansson had written particularly The Winter Book and the Summer Book.

on our bookshelf

Jansson started painting the Moomins back in 1935, but the first story didn’t appear until 10 years later and the first Engllish translation occured in 1948.

The Moomins have huge appeal to kids; they’re sweet, loveable characters who go on lovely adventures with their friends. From an adult perspective you can see the morals and lesson interweaved into the stories . Also there is the strong emphasis on respecting and living in harmony with nature.

The Moomins core values are of love, tolerance and adventure which speak very loudly to me and my own personal philosophy.

Over the years the Moomins started to crop up again in the UK. They are known worldwide and Tove Jansson’s books have been translated into over 50 languages. Nowadays you will find Moomins everywhere, including the various dedicated Moomin shops! (I may have just purchased a pair of Moomin PJ’s recently from the official website)

In 2017 I celebrated my 40th birthday and I expressed a desire to go abroad, we don’t often go abroad partly for a long time we would look after my partners son during school holiday plus I had anxiety issues.

My partner was surprised when I said i would like to go to Finland, because in the UK is an unusual holiday destination. But i also have a love of Finnish design and jewellery. Plus it meant we could also book in a day to visit Moomin World! My birthday is in Spring, so we held off til June when the weather in Finland is warm! We booked a few days in Helsinki and then caught one of the amazing double decker trains to the historical city of Turku (the old capital) for a few days stay then back to Helsinki for the rest of the break.

Moomin World was just an absolute joy to visit. You arrive by crossing over a causeway to the little island that Moomin World is situated on. When we visited we were very lucky to have superb weather, so we were able to enjoy all that the island had to offer .

We followed the Moomin World map around the utterly charming island and visited all the destinations for each character and their houses,which included parks, crafting areas, food courts and the shop!

It was outside the Moominhouse where the various characters from the story’s came out to greet you. One of the most delightful things was watching the small children being overwhelmed by seeing their favourite characters in the flesh and hugging their legs-i could have stayed there most the day!

We also got to meet our fave characters, I got my selfie with Snorkmaiden and my chap got a picture with his fave Moomin called Snork (the intellectual one!) and Pappa.

The inside of the Moomin House was decorated so lovely, each room designed around the characters and the books.

As you explored the island you came across more wonders-a ship shaped playground, a jetty with Edward the Booble and a giant telescope!

I loved the dark spooky cave full of glowing hattifatteners and the Groke! There’s a wonderful forest park full of hammocks and beanbags where you can chill for a while and tree shaped story booths.

We also found the beach and relaxed there for a while.

On TripAdvisor there are a couple of reviews complaining about the lack of fairground rides!

But Moomin World is not Disney and it never should be. It’s a truly magical and beautiful park for children to exercise their imagination and be at one with nature, whilst interacting with their favourite Moomin characters! Moomin World truly encompasses all that is Moomin!

Genuinely, one of my best and happiest days ever.

So if you’re not familiar with the world of the Moomins, then I would highly recommend checking them out!

And the final thing is….which Moomin character are you?


  1. What a lovely trip that must have been. Looks wonderful, and the Moomin World theme park looks great fun. (The picture with you and the Moomin is really cute – you look like Alice in Wonderland with that pale blue dress, the ankle boots and your sun hat in hand. Actually, you look as if you live there in Moomin Land 😉. I wouldn’t be surprised if people stopped you that day, assuming that you were part of the cast!)
    I never knew the Moomins when I was growing up in Germany. I only came across them much later, when I had children of my own, but even then never really bought the books etc. (Not sure why – possibly because my priority was to establish German as their minority language, and since Germany has a rich children’s literature itself, it made sense to concentrate on books that we could read together in the original language.) However, among our most beloved tea mugs in the kitchen are four Moomin mugs. They were gifted to us by a Finnish/Irish friend of my son’s, who came to stay for a couple of weeks and brought them as a host gift. The design is definitely special, and I like the Moomins’ look. The only mug I don’t like is the orange one with the hattifnattars on – somehow they look a bit eerie to me.

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    1. it was amazing, absolutely loved Finland. Interestingly you hit the nail on the head about my outfir that day-it wasn’t intentional but I got a few double takes as some people thought I might be a Moomin character! lol!
      I’m glad they’re so popular these days as there’s so many important lessons in the books.
      How do you get on with your mugs? We have one but according to my other half, it’s too small for a proper cuppa.
      I was also gifted some Moomin goodies earlier this year by Riepu-made me smile for hours!


      1. Well, I *love* the mugs (because they are Moomins and part of a set – which is rare in my kitchen. My family has a thing for one-off mugs *meh*), but I agree with your other half that they are too small for tea. So *I* do not use them for tea (I have a Richard Armitage mug for that *hehe*), but Mr Guylty uses them every day for tea and coffee.

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  2. I’m Snufkin!! Confession I only know Moomins through you! But I would go to Moomins World in a heartbeat and no I hope it never becomes Disney World or Land
    You both look like you had the time of your lives and what a great 40th bday gift!!!
    Thank you for sharing this magical place here and so many should adopt the Moomin and your outlook!! 🤗❤️

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      1. I’m an Anglophile (especially now!🤗😉) but I’m gonna make my way to Finland 🇫🇮
        The description of Snufkin is me to a T!
        I’ll have to get some books for the nieces!! ❤️🤗

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  3. Wow, Moomin worlds sounds wonderful, what a great holiday. I adore the Moomins. I read them as a child and then read them to my son who also loved them. The Hattifatteners are my favourites and Snufkin was his. There is something fragile and threatened about the Moomins’ cozy world, and subversive, which stops the books from being sentimental and coy.

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    1. yeah it really was fabulous, if you prefer nature to plastic and garish rides! So lovely to hear you brought your son up on them and absolutely agree about them not being a sweet and light as some may imagine

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  4. What a lovely post, Rachel! I enjoyed reading it (made me want to pack and fly to Finland right away!) Moomins are not strangers to me at all. I didn’t know about them when I was growing up; they became popular in Russia later. Our son’s school was called Moomintroll. Moomintroll himself was everywhere, including the school‘s emblem. So all our family became Moomintroll fans 😁 Such sweet memories ❤️
    Thank you for sharing with us these wonderful photos! ❤️🤗

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  5. Encore une découverte pour moi, je vais de surprise en surprise que ce soit sur votre blog ou bien sur celui de Michèle. Désolée , pour vous deux quand je ne laisse aucun commentaire quand le sujet m’est inconnu.

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  6. Being Finnish I grew up with Moomin stories but my sons never liked them so it’s been a while since I read them. Interestingly parent of my eldest son’s best friends are illustrating the new Moomin books.

    I gave Richard Moominland Midwinter as a gift, I hope he’s read it. The novels are deeply philosophical. Moominvalley in November is my fave.

    You’re very welcome here 🙂

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  7. Ah, how lovely! I’ve only been passingly aware of Moomins but I always liked their look. I had no idea there was a Moomin World, how very sweet!
    Oh, and apparently I’m not really a Moomin but I am Snufkin, according to that test. 🙂

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