Poldark and Trenwith

Are you a Poldark fan?

I grew up in the 80’s and my Mother loved watching Poldark on the TV and had a few of Winston Graham books on the shelf in the living room. Apart from that it was never on my radar. However when they did a new adaptation in 2015 with a favoured actor Aidan Turner, I had to watch. Partly because, as you may know, I love a costume drama.

It really was a lovely remake-though current to modern TV styling-they rushed through the story very quickly (is this because people are not capable of keeping their attention on a story?)

It was all sweeping vistas, staring out to the sea whilst on horseback, tricorns, drama and a little comedy. One of the main locations featured is Trenwith House is the family home of the Poldarks.

What I didn’t know at the time is that even though Poldark is based in Cornwall, Trenwith House aka Chavenage House is actually in Tetbury in Gloucestershire, UK.

Tetbury is a beautiful Cotswold town and not actually too far from where I live.

So back in 2017, so I organised a day out with a bunch of Steampunk pals from Wales and Bristol to go visit and have the tour of the house and then have afternoon tea afterwards.

steampunks in their best tricorns

You may recognise my outfit from a previous blog post of mine!

Chavenage dates back to Medieval times, however it’s current incarnation was built mid 1500s.

It’s a really beautiful house, and it was joyful to walk in knowing this was featured in the wonderful Poldark series. Though more recently it was featured in the film adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma.

The house tours tend to be led by members of the household. It was fun and interesting with really fascinating stories about the house’s history, architecture, ghosts stories plus so much more.

400 year old tapestries

The afternoon tea afterwards was an absolute delight aswell and highly recommended and rounded off our lovely afternoon trip.

loves the decoration on this table
garden full of steampunks!

More on the history of the house in found on the Chavenage website


  1. I too am a costume drama fan and this post and this place are just divine!!! I love the grounds, architecture of the house and although I have not seen the remade Poldark it is on my watch list coming highly recommended from a few wonderful people I know 😉🤗
    What a pleasure to read about this gem and then afternoon tea to round out the tour! Great Friday post ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. ah glad you like the post, it’s not hugely exciting but i saw the memory on facebook and thought i would write a little post. Poldark is defintely worth watching, it just flys through certain scenarios too quickly for my preference

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      1. To be honest I like the visuals in series many times over the series or movie like in Emma 2020
        I loved the house and costumes far more than the actual movie
        I thank you for sharing the steampunk aspects of your life here and these little nuggets of places you visit I keep
        adding to my travel bucket list ❤️🤗

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  2. I’ve watched the whole recent series of Poldark and really enjoyed it, although I wasn’t happy with the way they finished it, leaving it up in the air to my way of thinking. Thank you for sharing these photos and your visit to Chavenage – what a gorgeous house!!

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  3. The 18th century is my favourite period and I adored the original Poldark (in the 1970s!!). For Richard Armitage (in a tricorn hat) to have played him ( as the Poldark Society wanted) was my absolute fantasy. He would have been perfect, the right age and demeanor. I was crushed when Aiden Turner was announced. Still watched and enjoyed the new one but Aiden is too lightweight (IMO!)

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  4. I too remember my mother loving watching Poldark when I was a kid. 🙂 I never quite took to the new Poldark myself (despite the lovely Aidan Turner), but it sure did look lovely on TV and looks beautiful here in these pictures as well. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. When I first moved to Bath in the mid-90s I had no money, and some weekends I’d just get a pile of Poldark books from the library and read them in bed, where it was warm!

    I do agree they rushed through the story too quickly. And on Twitter, a lot of people didn’t really grasp that Ross is *supposed* to be a git at times – you could say he’s a Romantic hero rather than a romantic one.

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  6. I was (and am) a big fan of the original Poldark series and of Robin Ellis as Poldark and Angharad Rees as Demelza. I’ve also read many of the books. I tried to watch the new one, especially because Aiden Turner is very cute, but I found that I just couldn’t accept him and Eleanor Tomlinson as Ross and Demelza. Not when the originals are so etched in my brain (and my heart lol). Your excursion sounds like fun, though.


    1. i’ve never seen it tbh but i get that it can be hard to accept new versions. We’ve been watching the new adaptation of All Creatures Great and Small and my other half was really not keen because he felt the original couldn’t be bettered. Saying that, he changed his mind. Steampunk excursions are always fun tbh, they’re a lovely bunch of people.


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