Yesterday twitter was ablaze with the rumour that the British actor Tom Hardy has been chosen as the next actor to play James Bond after Daniel Craig steps down after his last Bond film ‘No Time To Die’.

The interesting thing with Hardy is that he’s a better actor than I initially thought. My mind was changed when i watched the 2017 drama ‘Taboo’ shown then on the BBC. Interestingly Tom co wrote it with his Father Chips Hardy.

Hardy plays ‘adventurer’ James Keziah Delaney. He’s a very intimidating presence dressed in black with scarring on his face, a habit of talking in unknown language and general unpredictable demeanor.

The premise is based around James Delaney’s return to London in 1814 after becoming aware his Father has died . This is of great surprise to most who believe James dead. His return threatens the plans of many people including the East India Company. James is single minded and put into action his plans to restore his family’s business and over a small piece of land called Nootka Sound…

The first episode starts with eerie music and the vista of a dark, calm night on the sea. The camera pans over a ship to where we see a lone small boat being rowed away by a hooded figure. Thunder rumbles in the background as he alights onto land and rides off on a white horse-the only light in a dark, ominous scene. Next we see this hooded figure start digging in the ground with his hands, he then pulls back the hood and we see Delaney for the first time. He looks to the distance where his view is of London , he rides there and pulls up to a large building. On entering he approaches a laid out dead body , takes the pennies off the deadmans eyes and says ‘Forgive me Father, for i have sinned’

Roll credits- a haunting music box style soundtrack over credits and imagery of floating bodies in the sea , some in chains and an American flag.

Taboo is an 8 part series with a fantastic cast including Jonathan Pryce, Tom Hollander, Oona Chaplin, Stephen Graham to name but a few.

The whole series is dark, moody , brutal and esoteric. Whenever Delaney is on screen the moody darkens and everything is grim, dark and dank. There are many somewhat gruesome and spine chilling scenes, some which don’t initially make sense. The music is a fantastic part of creating the mood and scene setting and was composed by Richard Armitage fave: Max Richter

It’s a program that is very much of my taste-a spooky, slow burning costume drama that keeps you on your toes wondering what will happen next. It certainly changed my view of Tom Hardy as only being capable of playing thuggish one dimensional characters.

If you’ve not seen it then i would highly recommend. In the UK it is available to watch on BBC Iplayer. The second series is due out this year I believe.

Have you seen Taboo? What do you think of Hardy as potentially becoming the next James Bond?


  1. To be honest I haven’t seen Hardy in much although he’s made a nice name for himself last few years. I really thought Hiddles would get the Bond thrown next but I’m happy for Hardy.
    Taboo is on Hulu in US streaming service snd is on my watch list now. You’ve really made a wonderful case for viewing it and I love the Richie tie in at the end with Max Richter! Great synopsis and your enthusiasm for the program is contagious! 👏🤗❤️

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    1. yeah, he’s been in a few things that aren’t really my bag but Taboo and Peaky Blinders prove he has more range than I thought previously.
      Couldn’t resist the link to Armitage when i realised Richter was the composer!

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    2. I am waiting for your future comments about that series Michele. I LIKED WATCHING IT AT THE BEGINNING but later could not go further anymore, after a few weeks… perhaps I have to rewatch it… but who knows when? is still not born BECAUSE no rest now, no time for binge matching. 🙂 my penfriends.

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  2. I watched it in early 2018 and thought it was really gripping, with great acting from Hardy, Pryce, Buckley and Potente.

    Re Hardy as Bond: I still think they will choose someone who is lesser known as an actor as they did with Craig after Brosnan quit and Hardy is too well known for that. But we’ll never know till they anounce it officially I guess

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    1. yeah, it’s right up my alley in so many ways and Hardy really impressed me with his acting skills.
      Look forward to hearing who gets picked as Bond, i’m kinda keen on someone less well knowen

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  3. I adored Taboo, it was absolutely up my street, dark and set in the 18th century. i’m very fond of the Andrew Pepper ‘Pyke’ books, similarly James McGee’s ‘Hawkwood’ series, and Taboo reminded me of these. I think Hardy is a very fine actor (have you seen him in Locke?) and he would have the right mixture of civility and brutality for Bond. It’s a shame it’s not likely to be RA, he would have been perfect, circa, Strike Back, but I’m still holding out for him as a Bond Villain.

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    1. I’ve seen him in Peaky Blinders and that terrible room with Reese witherspoon and a cowboy film 😁
      I agree re RA and Bond villain. ..well I guess Space Sweepers will be a good audition for that!

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