Maker Post: Mr Men Cross Stitch Height Chart

In my first post  on my blog I wrote about cross stitch and mentioned that I hadn’t done any cross stitch in years…

Seems I completely forgot a large piece I actually made about 5 years ago!

I have a niece and nephew, and when the lad was born, my partner and I made a height chart from wood in the shape of a snake.

So when my niece was born I decided i should make one for her. I wanted it to be something she might hold onto as she gets older(maybe if she ever decides to have children of her own) . That’s how I thought about looking for a cross stitch design, as it could be rolled up and made a keepsake for the future.

I don’t know about you, but I grew up with the beloved Mr Men books by Roger Hargreaves. Sweet little simple books with simple morals at the heart of them. My favourite was Mr Bump.


The design is now discontinued, but was by Bothy Threads. I loved how colourful and fun the design was It’s a counted cross stitch height chart with some of the most popular Mr Men and Little Miss characters. The kit contained a 14 count white Aida fabric, stranded cottons, needle, chart and instructions and measured 75 cm x 13 cm.

I started on it when my niece Leyla was 2 (she’s now 8) and got it to her just after her 2nd birthday in 2014. I enjoy cross stitch, but its the biggest project I’ve ever done and I have to admit my concentration does come and go-which is why it took so long to complete!

I asked my partner to make a frame which he did with his laser cutting machine and engraved her name at the top.


She definitely liked it, as you can see! And even though she’s far taller than the height chart now, I know it’s still treasured!


  1. What a wonderful aunt you are!! She’s so tiny there indeed!
    I didn’t know about Mr Men books
    I wish I did to get some for my nieces!
    Very creative cross stitch and brilliant laser Leyla she was probably tickled pink!! ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Omg, this is absolutely gorgeous! Great job, including that frame, and great keepsake.
    And I loved the Mr. Men books too. I even got my daughter a “Little Miss Chatterbox” t-shirt once that she wore when she was 5 or so.

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  3. Lovely. I am looking at buying this. She isn’t taller than it though :S, unless you have changed the numbers, because it’s supposed to be hung off the floor. It looks like it goes to 140cm and starts at 70cm.

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      1. ignore me, I didn’t read that you made it 5 years ago *facepalm*. I better get cracking making mine for my niece and nephew if they grow out of it so quickly haha.

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