Maker Post: Fun With Felt!

This is a little project I did last year in April. It was in my first 6 months of Richard Armitage fandom, and I was quite highly immersed in it all. One of the things I loved was that Richard was proving to be an excellent muse for me, he got me back into crafting after a long break and I had plenty of ideas swimming around my head.

Now a fandom friend Lolo had sent me a little parcel in the post, so I felt it was a nice opportunity to make something for her.

I’d previously asked Lolo which Armitage characters she liked best . Harry Kennedy, the Handsome Stranger from the British comedy The Vicar of Dibley was right at the top. So off I went and searched for info on Harry. So, apart from being deliciously handsome, Harry doesn’t have a huge part in the series-only 3 episodes in total. Harry moves from London to Dibley village to the initial disgust of Geraldine the Vicar (until she sees him!) . We see the inside of his home once, where we discover he likes books. Later on we find out that he’s an accountant and that he falls in love with a kooky, pretty vicar. Other than that he has an slightly odd relationship with his sister.

A work friend had been making stuff with felt, so I went and bought some and started thinking about what to make with it. There’s quite a big trend in crafting with felt atm and plushies are a very popular item to make.

I set about brainstorming about how I could make something Harry related.  I realised the most visual thing about him, apart from his Guy of Gisbourne hair, was his fondness for  woolly jumpers! So this is where I got my final idea; felt bunting incorporating Lolos name and Harry’s iconic jumpers.

See, when I make RA fandom related items, I tend to avoid the traditional ‘here’s a picture of RA’ . I prefer to make things that, unless you are a bit knowledgeable of the roles RA has played, you probably will miss the meaning. Which I think is nice, because it means the receiver of the gift can put it in pride of place (if they wish) and they should be safe from sarcastic comments from unbelievers! (though it may end up at the receiving end of queries to what the hell it is)

So, firstly and most importantly…. here’s some pictures of Harry in his iconic jumpers.

Next was to draw out the design then cut out paper templates to gauge size and help with eventual cutting out of the felt shapes:2020-05-21 18.43.41-1

As you can see, I drew 2 slightly different jumper shapes. Colour wise I probably should have put the red stripe jumper in the middle, but I felt the grey stripe one was the more memorable one and deserved centre stage.

The next part was fiddlier, these shapes are approx 10cm top to bottom, so cutting out the stripes thin enough was quite fun! #sarcasm .On the grey jumper I decided to hand embroider with cross stitch silks to make the jumper’s ribbed pattern. The other stripes were stuck on with UHU glue. I used a combination of scissors and scalpel to cut out the shapes. I did find that the edges of the stripes weren’t quite sitting properly so I stitched the edges of those too for a neater edge.

2020-05-21 18.44.48

Next bit was to make the bunting pieces with Lolo’s name on it-I decided to go with bright, colorful, traditional flag style bunting to give it a cheery look. The string used is called butchers string as it’s traditionally used by butchers to tie up meat, but these days is very popular for  crafting and parcels.

2020-05-21 18.45.33

I stitched the letters onto the flags and for a cute twist; attached the jumpers to the string with tiny wooden clothes pegs!

And hey presto! A unique fandom present. All in all, it took approx a days crafting and I was pretty pleased with the outcome. All that was needed to do was pack and post so it could fly over the waters to the USA to it’s permanent home 🙂

2020-05-21 18.48.16

2020-05-21 18.47.08

There is a another Richard Armitage related bunting project I made last year but I will write about in another blog post.


  1. Too cute. (Didn’t Kate also make a project with Harry’s jumpers at some point?) I think you actually made that grey jumper look better than it was. Great handiwork and a very funny and personal idea.
    Aside – it’s really neat how RA brings out the creativity in his fans. And how the creative projects of *one* fan can spark more creativity in others. Fabulous.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. thanks for the coment.
      yes Kate did a knitted bunting with his hat/ jumper and scarf from various roles -i’m pretty certain it was around the same time or slightly after.
      i’m grateful that he acts as inspiration tbh, it’s a huge part of the attraction-plus I like making stuff for other people which is half the fun


      1. Hehe, involuntary inspiration. (Although it was lovely to see him acknowledge some fan art recently. He seems to like drawings and paintings; at least that is the sort of fan art he has ever reacted to.)

        Liked by 2 people

      2. yeah, when i did my Astrov cross stitch , some people suggested i give him to him..but i didn’t consider it as I genuinely think it would end up in a bin! lol


      3. He’s got a storage space somewhere so I’m hoping our group gift is either there now or in a pile in his flat. Damn should have given him vodka no Rachel, Esther, Jane and Anne?!!


  2. It looks wonderful, Rachel! I’m sure she’ll treasure this gift forever, not only because of the subject matter but because you crafted it with such whimsy and love. Thank you for letting us see it! – B.

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  3. 1 you are very creative with your pen and your hands!
    2 I’m the lucky owner of several crafting projects 😉and I could never replicate the
    intricacies of these bunting projects and the cross stitch, badges and RA pin !
    3 Richard is a nice source of inspiration
    dreamy muse indeed especially with the hair now!!!
    4 you’re always tops !! ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. They are so sweet Rachel, you are clever, and it’s fun to have this shared recognition of secret RA signs and symbols. In the future Richard Armitage Museum (RAM), it would be wonderful to have a gallery dedicated to fan art and craft.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. That’s really cool – I like the fact that it’s a step away from literal. And doesn’t it feel wonderful when the ol’ crafting mojo returns? Here’s hoping Mr A continues to inspire you.

    Liked by 1 person

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