so, feeling a bit grumpy this weekend because yesterday was meant to be our first steampunk outing of the year. However, not unreasonably , due to the wordlwide Covid-19 pandemic it was cancelled-though re-scheduled for the same time in 2021.

The event , simply called Portmeirion Steampunk consisted of a day trip to Portmeirion village in North Wales, and then Sunday there was to be a group trip on the Ffestiniog Railway.

You may or not have heard of Portmeirion. Many people have because of either the famous pottery by Susan Williams-Ellis or because it was famously the setting for 1960s British Sci fi drama The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan.

So what is it about Portmerion that makes it worthy of a trip? I mean, it’s in North Wales and that is mostly known for being grey, full of slate mining and sheep.

Well, back in 1925 Welsh architect Clough Williams-Ellis bought the site of the Aber Iâ estate as the setting for his dream village, changing the name to Portmeirion. He wanted to show how a naturally beautiful location could be developed without spoiling it, and that one could actually enhance the natural background through sympathetic development.

Portmierion village

The most striking thing about the village is the style of architecture, the buildings are a colourful array of Italian riviera style architecture through to Arts and Craft style buildings. Work on Portmeirion started in 1925 through to 1975 and interestingly many of the buildings were salvaged from building sites, giving  the village an eclectic style.

I sadly have not yet been to Portmeirion, but here’s a video to whet your appetite.

Have you been to Portmeirion?

Are there any odd, unusual places that are on your list of places to visit?


  1. It looks very reminiscent of Naples city centre!
    I’m so sorry this weekend was blah and grey mood because your Steampunk event got rescheduled! The town would def go on my list
    I also would see all castles in Wales, a town called Monmouthshire 🤗
    Then there’s Bruges, Lichtenstein again since I was small when my family went first time and of course the castle in the air in France Monmichele or something like that
    Maybe some Scottish islands too and Galapagos Islands


  2. Yep, the pottery rang a bell. I had no idea it was a model town, though, so that sounds really interesting, especially as I love the arts and crafts aesthetics. Hope there will be other opportunities this year for you to strut your steampunk stuff!

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    1. fingers crossed
      Portmeirion is a model town in the sense it was deliberately designed from the architects vision-some say it was directly based on Portofino but the architect denied that

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  3. I’ve never heard of Portmeirion, so have never been there either. I’ve never even been to Wales and I always hear it’s so beautiful there. Portemierion looks beautiful, bummer that you can’t go this year! It’s something to look forward to for next year, though. 🙂

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    1. yeah, Wales has many differen landscapes- a great artist is Kyffin Williams-he portrays the gorgeous grey slate views you get in many parts. So Portmierion is a bit of a juxtaposition with it Italianate buildings, bright colours and Mediterranean feel

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      1. One day I’ll visit Wales, I really want to as does Mr Esther, and Portmeirion will go on the list for the tour, thanks to you. 🙂


  4. I’ve never been, but I’d really love to go there one day – obviously I love The Prisoner, plus it’s just a beautiful part of the world. Such a shame your event got cancelled! I found Pete’s Waltz photographer’s lanyard the other day and came over all nostalgic.

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    1. ahh, i’m planning on doing a post for Waltz. Sorry i didn’t reply before but your replies were in my spam box! yeah, im looking forward to going to Portmeirion!


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